Now You See Me 2, Dave Franco - Lead
Credit: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The Four Horsemen are back! The stars of the magic thriller Now You See Me are back for Round 2, aptly named Now You See Me 2, including Jesse Eisenberg as J. Daniel Atlas, Woody Harrelson as Merritt McKinney, and Dave Franco as Jack Wilder. The two main staples of the first return as well, including Mark Ruffalo as Dylan Rhodes and Morgan Freeman as magician-hunter Thaddeus Bradley.

Sadly, Isla Fisher is not in the sequel, as her character Henley Reeves does not return—we’re curious to see how #NYSM2 will address this—but we will meet some new characters this time around. Lizzy Caplan fills Fisher’s spot in the magician quadruplet as Lula, who has doves fly out of her jacket in the trailer; Jay Chou enters as Li, for reasons unknown for now; and Daniel Radcliffe comes in as Walter, a shady tech magnate who gets involved in the Horsemen’s tricks.

Now You See Me 2, Jay Chou - Embed
Credit: Courtesy of Summit Entertainment

The highly anticipated sequel isn’t due to hit theaters until June 10. But Summit Entertainment, the team behind the film, is dropping little hints until its, well, big reveal. The first was the 60-second trailer, which came out in November (watch it below). And now, we can exclusively reveal these two posters for the film—starring Franco and Chou—above. Head over to to see Radcliffe as the tech mogul and check out to see Harrelson's and Caplan's posters too.

So, what magic will the Horsemen get into this time? We can’t wait to find out.