By Jennifer Merritt
Jul 23, 2014 @ 3:56 pm
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The news this week that the film director David Lynch has designed a collection of workout clothing for women, including sports bras, has resulted in some unfortunate, but perhaps inevitable, online wisecracks about “Twin Peaks.” Sure, it’s easy to scoff at the idea that the man behind Blue Velvet would be jumping onto the athleisure trend, but as it turns out, this news is not entirely true.

What Live the Process, a wellness-driven lifestyle brand that was introduced this year by PR veteran Robyn Berkley, actually announced was a capsule “David Lynch Collection,” designed in collaboration with the model Alyssa Miller and the David Lynch Foundation, which promotes the practice of Transcendental Meditation. Lynch, although no stranger to the fashion world, did not design any of the products himself, so take a page from his playbook and chill out.

Relax. Say om. And ask yourself: Why would anyone buy David Lynch-branded leggings?

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The enormous amount of interest the product has generated speaks to the growing potential for designer-driven ideas (even unorthodox ones) in sports clothing, and Berkley’s Live the Process has been a surprising success since it was introduced at Barneys New York in February. Net-a-Porter’s online channel for sports clothing, called Net-a-Sporter, sold out of the collection in two days, Berkley says. The collaboration with Miller and the foundation came about from her own interest in Transcendental Meditation, a program that involves contemplating quietly over a mantra for 20 minutes, twice a day. Lynch’s celebrity-friendly form of TM has managed to steer clear of the movement’s more controversial past from the 1960s.

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“There’s a new consciousness out there,” she says. “People are looking to gain stillness and to meditate. It’s now becoming more mainstream, rather than considered to be a little bit weird.”

Now You Know

Relax. Say om. And ask yourself: Why would anyone buy David Lynch-branded leggings?

The look of the capsule collection was inspired by the idea of “diving into the ocean,” Berkley says, explaining its pale blue and gray palette of floral prints. Leggings cost $170 and a corset bra is $105, with a portion of the proceeds donated to supporting victims of abuse.

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