By Catherine Dash
Jan 11, 2016 @ 10:30 pm
Courtesy of Antidote

Think your January detox means an entire month sans chocolate? Au contraire.

The latest trend in cacao is one that's good for you (yes, you read that correctly). A slew of chocolate-loving companies have introduced bars that combine cacao—a super food that's naturally antioxidant-packed—with additional healthful ingredients like wild-harvested blueberries, ginger, and matcha. And the best part? They're totally delicious! Below, three trail-blazing companies responsible for making the dream of guilt-free chocolate a reality.



This quickly growing health-food startup, known for its green juice packets, recently added chocolate to its lineup of goods. Its raw cacao bars are sweetened only with unrefined coconut sugar and include flavors like hazelnut-fig and macadamia-coconut.

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As a brand founded on the idea that a chocolate bar could be more like a good-for-you food than a sweet treat, Antidote's focus has been on creating nutritiously dense offerings. The range includes both 50-precent raw/50-percent roasted and 100-percent raw varieties and its newest introduction, a "big kid" milk chocolate that's low in sugar.



If you're a chocolate connoisseur, this well-established chocolatier is on your radar, but you might not know about its Super Dark collection. The group of four bar is made with 72-percent dark cacao and a combination of unexpected ingredients like coconut ash and Spirulina. Be on the lookout later this year when the brand will introduce a bottled version of its Super Dark Elixir (a drinkable chocolate), which is currently only sold by the glass in Vosges boutiques.