The Frost moon pretty much requires hunkering down at home.

The November Full Moon Is All About Your Cozy Girl Fall
Credit: Bonnin Studio/Stocksy

Is it just us, or did the balmy, Instagram-worthy part of fall, where the air is crisp but you can get away with only wearing a sweater, come and go within the span of maybe a week? Now, with daylight saving time behind us and the trees rapidly shedding their leaves, it’s hard not to feel like we’re already gearing up for winter. For all the stress that tends to come with the season, this time of year is also your yearly opportunity to get cozy and enjoy some R&R at home. And, on November 12, when the moon reaches fullness in Taurus, we’ll be reminded of just how much we deserve to do so.

Known either as the Full Beaver Moon or the Full Frost Moon, this month’s full moon is traditionally associated with the gradual winding down we see in nature during November: Animals prepare for hibernation, plants lose their blooms and go dormant in reaction to the chill in the air, and people start to think about how they’ll sustain themselves through the scarcity of the harsh colder months. Even if getting through the winter is no longer a matter of survival, it’s in keeping with this lunar phase’s spiritual ties to want to stay in and chill.

The fact that the full moon will occur in Taurus will only heighten our desires to hunker down. This steady, even-keeled earth sign is happiest when there’s food in the fridge, a classic rom-com on TV, and a blanket within reach. A Taurean full moon celebrates the familiar, the luxurious, and the slower pace that life can take when we put our comfort first. So, take this as an invitation to relax all night long on the 12th. Extra points if you get a massage or make plans for romance. Anything that’s physically satisfying will honor this full moon perfectly (plus, it’ll feel great for you).

If there is a downside to this full moon, we must look at Taurus’ representative symbol, the Bull, to find it. Although the Taurean Bull is normally of the peaceful Ferdinand variety, make no mistake that it’s ready to charge at a moment’s notice. Namely, when a Taurus’ routine or resources are threatened, they may lash out or dig their heels in. If you believe you aren’t getting your due or feel rushed during this lunar cycle, you may react like a stubborn bull, too.

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Curb any feelings of selfishness by keeping in mind that everyone is trying to enjoy themselves during this full moon. Sharing and compromising very well may be in order to ensure all parties involved come away from the November full moon feeling rested and recharged. Invite your best pals over for dinner and games or ask your partner how they want to spend the night. Seeking satisfaction doesn’t have to be a solo activity.