North West Expertly Turns Her Time-Out Into a Relaxing Spa Day

When North West gets quiet, her mom knows she's up to something.

The famous 3-year-old turned her recently attempted to turn time-out into a relaxing at-home spa session, and Kim Kardashian West hilariously caught her in the act. The Keeping Up with the Kardashians star shared a photo of her daughter on Instagram today partaking in said chill activities, and wrote: "That time North gets a time out & is a little too quiet... I go in her room to check on her & she's in the bathroom, made her own spa & tells me she's chilling out."

In the snap, the stylish little girl is laying down on a fluffy white towel and oversized pillow—she uses another towel as a blanket, while she has converted some toilet paper into a makeshift eye mask that covers her face.

But this isn't the first time that North has gotten creative when left to her own devices. A few months ago, Kardashian West stepped out of her daughter's bedroom for a few minutes only to return to the tot having painted purple nail polish all over her walls.

Talk about one smart cookie.

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