North West to Paparazzi: "No Photos"

Photo: Rich Fury/Forum Photos via Getty

While her family is famous for basking in the spotlight, North West does not love having the paparazzi in her face, and she's letting it be known. The 3-year-old daughter of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West was recently caught on video telling pesky photographers to back off, and the clip will honestly break your heart a little.

Kardashian and North West visited the L.A. Museum of Ice Cream pop-up this weekend, and after a fun-filled day at the sweet exhibit, the two ladies headed back to their car, where the paparazzi were waiting. In the video clip on Twitter, you can see North West carrying her ice cream cone as she approaches the group of photographers. At first, the 3-year-old politely says, "No pictures," but when the cameramen ignore her, she raises her voice, insisting that they stop—which, of course, they don't.

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This isn't the first time Kardashian's young daughter has spoken back to the paparazzi—back in 2015, she made headlines when she asked cameramen to stop taking pictures on her way to ballet class.

California actually has a law that's supposed to protect the children of celebrities from being targeted by the paparazzi, but unfortunately, many photographers ignore these regulations, especially when it comes to high-profile kids like North West.

It's really quite infuriating that the paparazzi won't heed a little girl's request to be left alone, but we give North major credit for sticking up for herself.

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