By Olivia Bahou
Updated Feb 23, 2016 @ 5:45 pm
North West Insta - Lead
Credit: Instagram/@kimkardashian

Kim Kardashian West is a contouring expert, so it makes sense that her daughter North will be beauty obsessed. But no one could have known that at just 2 years old, she would have already been a contouring pro.

Makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic posted this adorable photo of North stealing his contour palette to do a little glam of her own. She must have plenty of experience watching her mom and aunts get camera-ready, as it seems like she knew exactly what she was doing. She dipped her hands in some lighter and darker shades, and it looks like she was even starting to blend out her cheeks before she was caught (pink-handed!).

If this is what 2-year-old contouring looks like, we can only imagine what a beauty pro teenage North will be. But for now, we’re enjoying seeing this tot stay small for a little longer. As evidenced by the adorable first photo of Saint West, this star couple really did make some cute kids.