"We've been sleeping on chains far too long, in my opinion."

If you haven't seen Hulu's serial adaptation of author Sally Rooney's book Normal People, please turn around and do so. Not only is the show breaking quarantined hearts around the world with its realistic portrayal of a young love story, but it is also inspiring hair and fashion trends with every episode.

For starters, the lead character Marianne played by Daisy Edgar Jones, has the most enviable bangs ... maybe ever (sorry Dakota Johnson). Her effortless, voluminous hairstyle has dozens of fans questioning if they should pull out the scissors and try it out for themselves – don't do this, you'll probably regret it.

She's not the only one inspiring trends, though. The show's other star, Paul Mescal, who plays Connell, started a full-blown fashion movement with his chain necklace. On Instagram, an account aptly titled @connellschain, chronicles all of the best chain looks and has amassed over 90K followers.

It's become so popular that the Mescal himself is concerned it might be even more well known than he is. On BBC Radio 1, he commented on the account. "It's slightly terrifying. I'd be slightly embarrassed if the chain account took over my follower count," he told them. "But it's probably going to happen at some time, so I better reconcile that fact, that the chain will always be more popular than I am."

Daisy Edgar-Jones and Paul Mescal - Normal People
Credit: Hulu

He went on to say that he found out about the account just a few days after the showed aired but didn't think it was a big deal because he's always worn chains. "I think it's just so funny because … it's a chain," he said. "I'm not going to abuse anybody who thinks chains are sexy, but I wore chains and necklaces before, and I definitely didn't get the attention that this chain is getting."

Like all of us who are huge fans of the small necklace around his neck, Mescal thinks this is an excellent opportunity to put some respect chains everywhere. "So hopefully we're doing a good thing for chains all around the world, and we'll see them getting the correct respect that they deserve. We've been sleeping on chains far too long, in my opinion."As a Mescal/Connell chain fan club member, I can conclude that he's not wrong.