By Faith Cummings
Updated Jul 13, 2017 @ 9:30 am

There are few bonds as strong as those between two sisters. And it's amazing to think about the powerful duos that are in the spotlight across industries—Beyoncé and Solange, Venus and Serena, Gigi and Bella.

Miley Cyrus and younger sister Noah is a newer pair that is rising in the sibling ranks, as the latter is working on her burgeoning singing career. Though she's just 17, she performed at Coachella this year and is putting on small shows that demonstrate the musical skill set that clearly runs in the family.

Miley's shadow is a large and powerful one, but Noah is developing her own voice—despite some hesitation due to witnessing her sister face harsh public criticism in recent years.

"I'm obviously really sensitive to that stuff," she says in an interview for Fader. "That made me sad when people were being awful to [Miley] through the media. I hated that—she is who she is, and that's what I want for her. I get a little nervous for when that time will come [for me]." As you may remember, Cyrus faced flack for her 2013 MTV VMAs performance with Robin Thicke and intense scrutiny during her breakup with now-fiancé Liam Hemsworth.

The singer also has an interesting way of dealing with social media trolls: liking all of the mean comments so her haters can get the dose of kindness they're missing. "People said stuff about my face, my sister—someone told me I had a weird belly button, which I laughed at," she recalled.

Noah's singles "I'm Stuck" and "Stay Together" are out now.