Noah Centineo
Credit: Fox/Getty Images

Just like many of the boys we've loved before, Noah Centineo makes questionable hair choices. Specifically, the actor has grown his five-o'clock shadow into a full-on beard and dyed it blonde. The unexpected change has upset the Internet and some fans have even threatened to un-stan him.

In case you need a reminder, here is how good Centineo looked like before:

Since we heard how people reacted to the recent news of Stranger Things' Joe Keery getting a bowl cut, we feel required to include the following warning: The following video contains images of Centineo's bleach blonde beard. Scroll and view at your own risk.

Yep, he went and did that. In his Instagram Story, which was reposted on a Twitter fan account, the actor tried to play it off like he didn't actually bleach his beard. Centineo, let's be real: Our eyes don't lie.

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The shocking, dramatic change has upset Centineo's fans so much, they're considering shutting down their fan accounts. Others are really concerned for actor, hoping that the dramatic hair change isn't his way of dealing with some sort of life crisis.

Some fans wondered if Centineo dyed his beard for his upcoming role as He-Man in the remake of Masters of the Universe, and if he's going to bleach his head, too.

The good news is a lesson we've learned time and again in the salon chair: Hair can be cut off. And, eventually, it grows back.