No-Sweat Beauty Tips from Priyanka Chopra

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What's vibrant, healthy, and ready for summer? Priyanka Chopra's gorgeous skin and hair of course. If you're still hesitant about going for that bob (or lob) or not quite sure how to win the battle between humidity and foundation, then look no further. The former Miss World pageant winner has a solid strategy for defeating the smoldering weather.

Her first course of action: preparing her hair for the sizzling temperatures. Chopping off long locks might seem a bit scary, but you don't have to do it all at once. Take some of the pressure off and trim in phases like Chopra. At the New York UpFronts party hosted by People and Entertainment Weekly the Quantico actress told InStyle how she slowly changed up her look.

"It was asymmetrical a couple of months ago," she said, and once she adapted to the new length she took it even shorter. The busy actress, who has a demanding schedule that regularly includes 22-hour flights from India to the U.S., isn't letting the extra length slow her down.

"I just chopped it because it's the summer and I can't be bothered with long hair," she said. "I’m loving it so much. It feels free and I love the way it rests on my shoulders."

As for helping the skin survive the blazing conditions, Chopra's M.O. "Less is more in the summer, and that goes for clothes and makeup." She elaborates saying, "When it's so hot your makeup just starts draining off of your face after a half an hour, and that's just not pretty, so it's best to have amazing skin."

So how does the beauty keep her skin in tip-top shape? "Hydration is key," she told us. "Drink as much water as you can and a little trick that I do is I always put a little lime in it, so it just cleanses your skin from the inside."

Grab a citrus-infused glass of water and let's toast to fabulous hair and skin this summer.

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