Nina Dobrev and Julianne Hough Get Cooking in Matching Pink Ladies Jackets

Nina Dobrev and Julainne Hough
Photo: Instagram/@ninadobrev

Julianne Hough and Nina Dobrev are the latest celebs to show off their adorable friendship on Instagram. The duo traveled together to San Francisco via a luxurious private jet and posted photos from Super Bowl 50 weekend with an incredible squad that included Hailee Steinfeld, Tim Tebow, and Julianne’s brother, Derek.

Now back in L.A., their friend-fest continued with an enviable girls’ night in. Nina posted a photo showing the two clinking wine glasses in Hough’s kitchen while wearing matching “Pink Ladies” jackets, a nod to Hough’s recent role in Grease: Live.

“Thank you @juleshough for my incredibly amazing soft silky Pink Ladies jacket,” Dobrev wrote. “So incredibly happy to be a (micro) part of this (HUGE) special experience of yours.”

Hough reposted the photo, sharing, “Love when my girls #someofmyotherpinkladies Come over for a girls night to cook and watch #GreaseLive it’s not over yet.” If you’re not done reliving the incredible show either, check out our roundup of the seven most unforgettable moments of the night.

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