Does anyone have more fun than Nina Dobrev? From the looks of her Instagram page, we’re betting no.

The actress is constantly partying, smiling, posing for high-profile editorials, and playing with her adorable puppy, Maverick—aka LIVING THE LIFE.

Labor Day weekend, of course, was no exception. The Vampire Diaries alum threw a star-studded '80s aerobics-themed party—aka a beautifully neon medley of mesh and Lycra.

Naturally, Dobrev and her crew made sure the retro shindig was well documented.

“We had an '80s Neon themed party because the 80's were the best years (they're the best because we were all born in them... duh) Well, not Lane or Maverick. But they've been hanging out with us long enough that we've aged them by corruption and association. #LetsGetPhysical,” the 28-year-old captioned the first group photo from the bash.

The crème de la crème, of course, was special guest and '80s icon Uncle Jesse—er, John Stamos.

Not only did the Full House star show up, he sported full '80s regalia, including a decades-old T-shirt bearing an image of his face!

Glee’s Chord Overstreet was there, too.

These shots have us shook and considering an important existential question: If you have an '80s party and John Stamos doesn’t show up, did you really even have one?

Nina Dobrev knows what’s up.