Nike Just Released a New Sports Bra That Uses Tech from Its Shoes

Sports bras can be just as essential as sneakers for women when it comes to working out and that's exactly why Nike is using the technology from one to help the other.

Nike's new Fe/Nom bra is the lightest bra Nike has available, and it uses Nike's Flyknit shoe tech in a whole new way. What exactly is Flyknit, you might ask? It's precisely what makes Nike shoes so breathable.

Nike Bra 3
Courtesy of Nike

The material uses knit structures instead of wires, pads, or elastics to be supportive while being flexible. According to a press release from Nike, this results in a significant reduction in both materials and seams.

The Fe/Nom bra has only two panels and a binding (compared to a high-support Nike bra which can have up to 41 pieces and 22 seams). It's also 30 percent lighter than any other Nike bra.

“If you think of the components, they’re the major points of irritation,” said Nicole Rendone, senior bra innovation designer at Nike to WWD. “Bonded-on components and elastic bands are common sources of irritation. Our bands are really thin.”

Flyknit also has another bonus: It's environmentally friendly.

“Knitting is very sustainable and produces minimal waste,” Rendone said. “When you knit, it’s not like you’re cutting away fabric and throwing pieces away.”

If you want to get your hands on a Fe/Nom bra right now, you'll have to act fast. The bra launches Wednesday and is available exclusively on the Nike+ app for 48 hours.

If you miss the window though, don't worry too much: The bra will be available on after the two days expire.

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