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Credit: Monica Schipper/FilmMagic

Every time Nicole Richie steps out, we're amazed by how perfectly put together the mom-of-two looks. That's why we were shocked to find out that behind closed doors—closet doors, that is—things aren't quite so orderly. "You would look at my closet and think that a tornado hit it," she told InStyle before hosting last week's FIT Future of Fashion Runway Show. Richie's shelves may not be as organized as you'd expect, but the clutter in her life is far from intentional. In fact, keeping things in disarray is likely just in her nature. "I'm a Virgo, so my closet is very messy—but it makes sense in my head," she explained.

Debris aside, there's one thing that you can guarantee you'll find hanging on the racks of Richie's wardrobe: color. And we're talking bold and bright—which is no surprise considering the pink-haired star's penchant for switching up the hue of her locks. "Color makes me happy," Richie said. "It definitely lifts me up, so I love the idea of a lot of color." Clothing-wise, her favorite shade of the moment is actually a neutral. "Camel," she said. "You just can't go wrong with camel."

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But no matter the color, don't expect to find anything super-trendy in Richie's closet. Despite the fact that so many women look to her for their latest style inspo, Richie revealed that she has no interest in following the current fashion fads. "I don't even know what trends are out there," she said. "And I actually try to stay away from trends, because they just feel really limiting to me. Fashion is really about self-expression. We're women, and we all have different kinds of bodies, sizes, and personalities—and I have yet to see one trend really be okay with everyone across the board."

As Richie encourages women to dress for themselves, she's looking forward to what designers have in store for the future. "The fashion that excites me most is when people are expressing their creativity, and really diving headfirst into that," she said. "There are so many people whose style I admire that's nothing like mine. I just appreciate when someone can really take their individuality and tap into that in a creative space."