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Credit: Barry King/Getty Images

So you want to go pastel, but bleaching your hair and then wearing cotton candy-hued strands for months on end isn’t something you’re willing to sign up for? No problem at all.

Thanks to Nicole Richie’s latest hair dare, we have your solution. The celebrity just showed us the coolest new way to go pastel, and it requires next to no commitment. Richie teamed up with Joico to road-test the brand’s new Color Butters ($20 each; ulta.com), a temporary hair dye treatment meant for pre-lightened hair. The result? Gorgeous lavender-hued highlights added throughout her bronde hair.

"I met with Joico and they wanted to tell me about this product because I’ve been coloring my hair for a long time," Richie told InStyle. "I’ve experimented with a lot of colors, but mine has always been permanent."

And when it came down to picking the color, Richie used her emotions and past experiences as her inspiration. "This product did not exist back in the day when I was coloring my hair many moons ago, so when I got here, I actually saw all the colors and I decided to go lavender. Because color is emotional, and I was here and I was like, you know what, lavender was the first color that I had when I started coloring my hair. It’s cooling and soothing, and it just felt like where I wanted to go today."

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What makes the Color Butters ideal for the commitment-phobe is that it’s purely temporary and slowy fades out of your hair as you shampoo. It’s also an option for anyone with intensely damaged hair (AKA one who should probably hold off on color processing) to switch up his or her look without making the situation worse.

"I dealt with a lot of damage. I cut my hair. I’ve been on this long journey growing it back out again and getting it healthy," explained Richie. "There’s a conditioning aspect to the color so your hair actually comes out super soft, which is the opposite of what permanent color does. I think a lot of people want to experiment with color because color has the power to lift you up emotionally, and I think that everyone’s biggest fear is that it’s such a big commitment, but this one comes out in 10 washes. So you have that moment, wear a couple cute outfits, go out, and then you’re done."

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The Color Butters come in six different shades, and can be used to revive any semi-permanent pastel hair color.

Instead of opting for a full head of purple hair, get like Richie and concentrate the pigment on strands underneath your hair, or where the sun would naturally hit it for a highlighted effect.