Even the coolest moms can't resist embarrassing their kids—and their pets too, apparently.

Nicole Richie recently shared a hilarious video (below) of herself giving her family's new pet lizard, Speedy, a bath over the weekend. In the cute clip, Richie's nine-year-old daughter Harlow can be heard giggling as she records her mom dancing around the kitchen while playing Bobby Darin’s bath time classic, “Splish Splash.”

“Mommy, Speedy’s embarrassed,” Harlow insists while Richie, 36, wiggles and thrashes to the beat. Even Speedy, waiting patiently in a foil baking pan on the counter, can't take his tiny eyes off the human jumping up and down beside him.

"Speedy had his 1st bath this weekend & it was a blast... even in a room full of haters," the Great News star and mother of two captioned the goofy 'gram along with an eye roll emoji and the hashtags #splishsplash and #letmelive.

You do you, Nicole!