Nicole Kidman Shares Her Tips for How to Get Dewy, Glowing Skin

When Nicole Kidman hit the red carpet of the Emmys earlier this week, she looked positively radiant. She also glowed when she celebrated her 50th birthday ... and when she had her anniversary with husband Keith Urban. Oh, and even when she was hanging with friends and eating. OK, so she pretty much always looks fresh-faced and gorgeous, in part because of her beautiful skin. So just how does the actress do it?

"Take care of your skin—that is number one. So sunscreen and moisture," she told E! News. "Also, I just think love. Good love, slightly harder to get, is a really nourishing thing."

Vera Anderson/WireImage

Kidman revealed that exercising also helps keep her skin clear, even when it's cold or dry outside.

"I really believe in exercising," she said. "I grew up with the dad who would make us work out."

While the actress was happy to offer skincare tips, she'll be the first to tell you that keeping your skin healthy is not the same thing as trying to fight your age (which she does not recommend).

"You want to have beautiful, healthy-looking skin and that's what I think most women would desire," she said. "And, as much as we talk about anti-aging, it's more that I want to feel vibrant."

But what if you do want to look younger? Kidman's got a great tip we can get behind.

"My husband always says it a smile. It's such a great thing, because it is so youthful," she said.

Amen, Keith.

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