Nicole Kidman Got Asked About Her Sex Scenes in Front of Keith Urban, and It Was Awkward

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What's the fastest way to make an interview super awkward? Ask an actress about her sex scenes with other men while she's sitting next to her husband.

Things took a turn for the embarrassing on a recent episode of The Graham Norton Show, when Nicole Kidman appeared alongside Keith Urban and she was asked about another famous man in her life—Colin Farrell. The actors happen to star in two upcoming movies together (The Beguiled and The Killing Of A Sacred Deer), and apparently things get quite passionate between the pair in both films. The topic of their intimate scenes quickly came up, and that's when things got slightly out of sorts.

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"I had to give him a sponge bath and it took about a day!" she said of Farrell in The Beguiled. She was then asked if doing the scene was awkward, and her response was epic. "Considering what Colin and I did in The Killing Of A Sacred Deer, that was nothing." Kidman quickly requested to change steer the conversation in a different direction: "Can we move on? My husband is on the show!"

File this under uncomfortable interviews.

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