Nicole Kidman Reveals What Really Happened During That Viral Moment with Rami Malek

Remember last weekend at the Golden Globes when Rami Malek desperately tried to connect with presenter Nicole Kidman onstage and she just shut him down (and it was caught on video and soon became the year’s biggest viral clip)? Well, I bet I can name two people who are eager for the universe to forget …

Being awards season and all, Malek and Kidman are both doing quite the press tour — and shocker, it appears that every reporter within shouting distance has tried asking each party about the topic du jour.

This time, Kidman had her chance to laud Malek and insist that despite appearances, they really are industry pals.

"We're really good friends," she told Entertainment Tonight. "I just did not feel his hand on my back."

“I was mortified,” she continued. "I love that man. He's so gentle and softly spoken. He's a darling.”

The stars aligned (quite literally) on Sunday evening when the duo had a chance to reunite on the red (er, blue) carpet at the Critics’ Choice Awards.

The 24th Annual Critics' Choice Awards - Red Carpet
Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images

Malek hinted at a possible Oscars skit addressing (or recreating) the moment during an interview last week, and though finding a host may be outside of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences capabilities, we think a Rami-Nicole moment is totally possible.

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