A year later, we're still cringing. 


Remember that time Nicole Kidman accidentally snubbed Rami Malek at the Golden Globes?

Well, now that they're both nominated for the 2020 Globes, maybe we'll see a recreation — or a fix-it? — of that viral moment.

If you're recall, during the 2019 Golden Globes, Malek tried to get the attention of one of Hollywood's most powerful women when she was presenting the award for Best Picture to Bohemian Rhapsody. Just after he won the award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama for the movie, he rushed onstage again when the movie got its win, though he was a bit later than the rest of the cast and crew — and he was left in the dust when he tried to talk to Kidman.

The result: Malek, left grasping for air when she didn't notice him.

To his credit, he brushed it off pretty well, and Kidman later said the two are actually friends, and she just truly did not feel his hand on her back.

This year, Malek is up for Best Actor in a Drama Series for his role in Mr. Robot, and Kidman was recognized for her performance in this season of Big Little Lies. And while she'll probably be careful not to accidentally snub him again, maybe we'll see them reunited — this time, with a little less cringe.