This Is the Hairstyle Nicole Kidman Misses the Most

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If you have curly hair and regularly turn to heat tools in attempt to straighten your ringlets, Nicole Kidman has some advice for you.

In an interview with Australia's WHO Magazine, the Big Little Lies actress who's known for her long, smooth, strawberry blonde hair, shared that she wishes she never tried to alter her natural curly texture. "I really wanted to have that suntanned skin and long blonde hair," she said. "I wanted to conform and be the Aussie beach girl. And I was never going to be that."

Nicole Kidman Curls - Embed
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After years of over-styling her ringlets, the actress explains that her hair isn't quite the same as it used to be. "I wish I had my curls back," she said. "I tortured them to death. I always say, 'Don't ruin the ringlets!'" If there were ever a better argument for air-drying your hair, Kidman's experience with her own strands is it.

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You heard it from Kidman: Step away from the flat iron.

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