Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban's Wedding Video Looks Like a Nicholas Sparks Adaptation

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s married life is so euphoric, it seems they can’t stop sharing it with the world.

He includes her in his music. She kisses him on the red carpet (even after locking lips with Alexander Skarsgård). Their romance is so cinematic you’d expect them to have dreamy (and dare we say, corny) video footage from the early days.

We imagine such a clip would feature Kidman in an angelic white wedding dress, with Urban’s signature highlights glowing as a montage shows us flashes of the church at which they exchanged vows. Perhaps we’d see statue of an angel here, a skyline there...

It turns out something like this exists, and Kidman quietly dropped it for the viewing pleasure of her unsuspecting 1.3 million Instagram followers.

The couple is celebrating their 12th wedding anniversary on Tuesday, and to honor it, Kidman uploaded the aforementioned video to social media, giving us a taste of what their big day was like in Manly, Australia. Indeed, the clip is dated (in a nostalgic way), just the right amount of cheesy, and could easily pass for a clip from a Nicholas Sparks adaptation.

Jokes aside, she truly does look magnificent in the montage, where we see the wedding dress that’s become so infamous, it’s even been displayed at a museum. Kidman wore a custom Nicolas Ghesquière-designed Balenciaga gown that's rumored to have cost $20,000. For that price, it makes sense that she’s still in love with it.

“It’s the most exquisite dress and it is so beautiful,” she told E! News in 2015. “Nicolas [Ghesquière] made it for me and it is wrapped in special paper and it will be passed on to whichever daughter wants to wear it. I still have so many of my dresses. I treat them as you would a painting because that’s what they are—they’re just in a different form.”

Urban also shared a flashback clip to celebrate their milestone.

If Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin made “conscious uncoupling” a thing, we’ve found its opposite meaning: “celestial synergized soul dancing.” Thanks, Keith.

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