Nicole Kidman Has Found a Side Hustle in Self-Isolation

No movie set? No problem. 

Hollywood has (more or less) shut down amid the coronavirus outbreak, giving A-listers who’d regularly be bouncing from set to set a mandated break. But what’s one to do when there are no Oscar-winning performances to give or red carpets to walk? Well, Nicole Kidman found an outlet.

As you may recall, Kidman is married to country singer and fellow Australian Keith Urban. And while he’s also homebound during the pandemic, the show must go on (Instagram).

Urban’s been playing concerts from home for his fans to stream, and Kidman’s been acting as his (literal) in-house PR team. He strums; he sings; she watches (within the camera’s view), occasionally dances and sings along. Even if you aren’t a fan of Urban’s music, you’re probably — perhaps even unknowingly — a fan of Kidman’s performative enjoyment of Urban’s music.

After a successful gig last week, the pair returned to the studio. “We’re back again,” Kidman told Instagram fans on her story. “I mean not me, I’m just here — roadie, fan, audience … ” Urban lovingly assured his roadie that he “couldn’t do it without you, babe.” She added, “He’s my hubby.”

If the whole acting thing doesn’t work out, maybe Kidman can find a gig in music management?

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