Nicole Kidman Has Advice for Young Actresses in the Wake of the Harvey Weinstein Scandal

Nicole Kidman has already given a statement applauding those who have come forward to accuse movie director Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment and assault, but now she's sharing words of wisdom to aspiring young actresses.

Her previously released statement read: “As I’ve stated before publicly, I support and applaud all women and these women who speak out against any abuse and misuse of power—be it domestic violence or sexual harassment in the workforce,” her previous statement read. “We need to eradicate this behavior.”

Nicole Kidman Harvey Weinstein
Dave Benett/WireImage

According to the Press Association, the Oscar winner spoke to the U.K.'s Magic Radio this week about society's need for eliminating predatory behavior in the workplace as well as supporting victims of sexual abuse and assault.

“I’ve been working now for well over two decades for UN Women to eradicate violence against women, this is very important right now—we cannot tolerate this behavior,” she reportedly said.

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As for aspiring actresses, she stressed the importance of putting yourself first and looking out for yourself.

“Particularly for a young girl, it’s ‘take care of yourself, make sure you are protected, don’t let anyone break your spirit and be yourself," she said. "So much of the time we model ourselves and our identities on what we see, and actually finding who you are and what you want to say and what your voice is, is one of the hardest things to do, but one of the most important things to do."

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