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Nicole Kidman's role as the mother of an adopted child in her Oscar-nominated film Lion hit especially close to home, as she also happens to be the real-life mom to two adopted children. She and then-husband Tom Cruise adopted their son Connor and daughter Isabella during their marriage, and the actress spoke out this week about how her kids affected her Lion performance. If you haven't seen the film—and you should—it's about an adoptive mother whose Indian-born son leaves her and travels the world in search of his biological parents. In an interview with The Mirror, Kidman said that the movie is actually an homage to her two eldest children.

"The movie is a love letter to my children who are adopted. I wanted to make the film for them", she revealed. "It's not about anything other than saying, 'I wanted you and whatever your journey is, I'm here to love and support you'. That's what I connected to."

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Kidman and Cruise adopted their children in the early nineties and even though the couple later divorced, they maintained shared custody of their kids.

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Kidman's film Lion has been oft-nominated, including for the BAFTAs and again for this Sunday's Academy Awards. Her Lion co-star Dev Patel won a BAFTA for Best Supporting Actor as her son, "Saroo." And with this dedication to her family, Kidman's already a winner in our book.