Nicole Kidman's Daughters Are Friends with the Big Little Lies Kids IRL

With excited fans wondering what Big Little Lies's sweeping Emmy Awards win could mean for the future of the series, executive producer Nicole Kidman revealed an unexpected tidbit about the show's cast.

While enjoying the after-glow of the team's eighth Emmy win, several cast members took a moment to chat with Entertainment Tonight about their celebration plans that evening. Laura Dern admitted that she was going to keep the fete a little more kid-friendly after snagging a statue for her role. "Go to Reese [Witherspoon's] house and get cozy, take our shoes off," she said. "I'm excited to celebrate with all these amazing children that Jean-Marc and David Rubin found that played our kids."

"Some of them are at my house right now!" Kidman chimed in, sharing that her daughters Sunday, 9, and Faith, 6, have become tight with the youngest cast members. "My girls are really good friends with the children in the cast, so three of them are at my house, so they now know that we won!"

Just another reason why a second season of Big Little Lies needs to become a reality!

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