Just give them all the awards. 


Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban’s daughters, Sunday, 11, and Faith, 8, are already on their way to Hollywood stardom.

It looks like their cameo in mom’s HBO series Big Little Lies was just the beginning of the girls’ film careers. According to Today, both Kidman-Urban kids have small voice-acting roles in The Angry Birds Movie 2.

Sunday plays a little yellow chick named Lily, while Faith voices an adorable purple bird named Beatrice.

Nicole, ever the proud mom, shared a clip of her “little hatchling Faith” showing off her voice talents in the film.

You mean to say Faith is a human girl and not a wide-eyed baby bird in search of a red balloon? Wow, she really transported us.

Faith and Sunday aren’t the only celebrity spawn to contribute to the film. Honestly, the Angry Birds sequel is a veritable who’s who of future Oscar winners, including Gal Gadot’s 7-year-old daughter Alma Versano and Viola Davis’s 7-year-old daughter Genesis Tennon.

The Angry Birds Movie 2 opens nationwide on August 14.