Nicole Kidman is a critically acclaimed Oscar winning actress who has appeared in everything from Moulin Rouge to Big Little Lies, but she revealed this week that she almost walked away from it all.

In an interview with Sofia Coppola and the Associated Press, Kidman revealed that when she was pregnant with her daughter Sunday, she was very close to quitting the acting world entirely.

"At one point, I think I was pregnant with Sunday, and I was like, 'I’m going to give up acting, I’m done. It’s too much. And the baby and that’s it,'" the actress revealed. "And my mom was like, 'Don’t do that. Take some time off but don’t give it up.' She said, 'Keep your toe in the water because she said, “You’re going to want that as you get older.” And it’s also healthy, if you have a creative spirit and you’re artistic, there does have to be a place for that."

Coppola seemed to both agree and sympathize, considering she said she has also toyed with walking away from projects in the past. In fact, with The Little Mermaid adaptation, she did just that.

"I wish I could have done that one. But I decided to do a project that was smaller, that I could really have creative control over every aspect," Coppola said.

Kidman and Coppola are perfect examples of why pausing and considering what's really best for you is healthy—whether you end up sticking with it or not.