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It’s hard to believe that Oscar-winning actress Nicole Kidman turns 50 years old today. The star has reinvented herself for roles time and time again, from Bewitched to Moulin Rouge!, The Hours to Rabbit Hole, and the only thing that can keep up with her incredible transformations seems to be her ever-changing hairstyles.

From natural ringlets to super-straight strands, beachy waves to serious volume, seemingly every red carpet comes with a new look from this hair chameleon. And the mom-of-four is showing no signs of slowing down: With major hits like Big Little Lies and Lion on her résumé of late, this Oscar winner is having no problem finding new and exciting scripts to sign onto. It certainly doesn’t hurt that she has country music superstar and supportive hubby Keith Urban by her side.

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In honor of her 50th birthday, we’re taking a look back at Kidman’s most standout hair moments since she made her big-screen debut at just 16 years old.

Happy birthday, Nicole!