Nicole Kidman
Credit: Dave J Hogan/Getty Images

If you dread the thought of revisiting your high school yearbook photos, just count yourself lucky that they weren’t leaked to the entire culture-consuming public.

Nicole Kidman was not afforded such luck.

During a visit to The Graham Norton Show last week, the 49-year-old actress was brought face-to-face with an unfortunate (read: hilarious) relic of the past—a collection of photos she shot at just 16 when she was the cover girl for Australian magazine Dolly.

Keep in mind, the year is 1983, one of the magazine’s cover lines reads “CULTURE CLUB’S BOY GEORGE SPEAKS OUT”—the curly-haired redhead Kidman is simply riding the wave of a different era.

That being said, Kidman’s shots (set against a vibrant blue background) are truly AMAZING. Frizzy hair, shoulder pads, red cowboy boots, awkward limbs … add Molly Ringwald and you’d have all the makings of a great John Hughes movie.

See it for yourself. The unveiling begins at 0:33.

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Merry Christmas.