Credit: Alexander Tamargo/Getty

Nicki Minaj is proving just how much she appreciates her Barbz (her pet name for super-dedicated fans). Last night, she went on a charitable Twitter spree, agreeing to pay school bills for around 30 of her followers!

It all started with the rapper's Twitter contest to bring one lucky fan to the Billboard Music Awards, but things shifted gears when a follower asked, "You wanna pay for my tuition?" Much to everyone's surprise, Minaj took the Barb up on his request, replying that if he could verify that he had a 4.0 GPA, she would set it up.

Naturally, hundreds of other followers jumped in, asking for help with their tuition and other school-related expenses. Minaj went on to help dozens of lucky fans, eventually foregoing her straight-A's requirement. She even offered to pay $6,000 for one follower's tuition, full room and board, and supply costs!

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At the end of her Twitter spree, Minaj hinted that she might even run the impromptu contest again in a few months—if she had any money left!

It just goes to show that Minaj is truly "the generous queen"—no need to ask Ellen!