Stormi Webster, you may only be 6 months old, but here's a lesson: As the daughter of Kylie Jenner, soon-to-be-billionaire, and Travis Scott, chart-topping rapper, people will want to come for what you have. Enter: Nicki Minaj.

Yes, this sounds ludicrous, but Minaj, 35, has stirred up some beef with the baby girl.

So, why bring a baby into some adult-level drama? Two words: record sales. Minaj released her latest album, Queen, on Aug. 10 and has since done everything possible to get her record to reach the No. 1 spot on Billboard’s 200 list.

Unfortunately for her, she’s been trumped by another musician,Travis Scott, which is where his daughter, Stormi comes into the picture. Initially, Minaj tweeted in defense of her work, suggesting that the only reason Scott maintained the lead with Astroworld (released Aug. 3)is because he sold merchandise as part of a bundle deal for his music (Minaj did the same), and because Jenner also promoted his album on her Instagram by writing, “me and storm ready for tour.”

“I put my blood sweat & tears in writing a dope album only for Travis Scott to have Kylie Jenner post a tour pass telling ppl to come see her & Stormi. lol. Im actually laughing,” Minaj tweeted. “#Queen broke the record of being number 1 in 86 countries. Thank Jesus & thank you to my fans.”

Keeping up? Soon after, Scott reportedly asked producers at Monday's 2018 MTV Video Music Awards to sit him and Jenner far, far away from Minaj. Following the show, Minaj continued to trash talk him during a recent episode of Queen Radio, the Beats 1 Apple Music show she’s used to promote Queen.

“Travis Scott gets Hoe N— of the Week by a landslide. Because he’s out here selling clothes instead of music,” she said, according to Vice. “What we’re not gonna do is have that Auto-Tune man selling f—ing sweaters telling you he sold half a million albums, because he f—ing didn’t. You stupid f—. You got your f—ing homeboy talking for you and you got your girlfriend selling your passes. Stop it. Knock it the f—off.”

According to The Fader, she also addressed internet rumors that she’s feuding with Scott’s daughter Stormi. "I love Kylie, I love Kim. I actually love all of them," Minaj said. "I know that you guys are saying me and Baby Stormi have beef," she added, laughing. "Yes we do. Now, this is what the fuck is happening today. Me against baby Stormi. We have this rivalry now. I'm going to start from scratch."

It sounds like Minaj is fully aware of how ridiculous this is, and is taking the internet’s suggestion as a joke, but still — not nabbing the No. 1 spot appears to have set her off. All of this drama follows backlash she received after taking to Twitter to compare her influence to that of Harriet Tubman, the abolitionist who freed slaves via the Underground Railroad.

2018 couldn’t get wilder, huh?