Nicki Minaj has plenty to be proud of, but it's not the Grammys or the broken records that make her feel most fulfilled. As it turns out, what the rap queen is most proud of is a little-known charity project in India that she's been quietly donating to for the past few years.

In a series of Instagram posts she shared while preparing for her Billboard Music Awards performance on Sunday, Minaj revealed that she's been sending money to an unnamed village in India with the help of her pastor Lydia Sloley for some time now. The "Anaconda" singer was understandably excited to show off the fruits of her labor: a computer center, tailoring institute, reading program, and two water wells for the remote community.

"This is the kind of thing that makes me feel the most proud," the 34-year-old captioned a video of the villagers using one of their new wells. "We complain about the most ridiculous little things when some ppl don't even have clean water," she added along with a promise to provide more information about her charity work so her fans can contribute.

Minaj also shared two photos of female villagers receiving their new sewing machines. "We're just getting started," she wrote in the caption. "These women are us and we are them!"

The rapper has been doing good closer to home, as well. Just last week Minaj vowed to pay back thousands in student loans for fans who got straight As in school. She also announced plans for a charity that would further help students financially "very soon."

*Bows down*