Bachelor Star Nick Viall Playing with Puppies Will Make Your Monday

Nick Viall
Photo: Macey J. Foronda/Courtesy of BuzzFeed

What's better than Nick Viall answering fans' burning questions about the Bachelor? The Dancing with the Stars contestant answering those questions with adorable rescue puppies in his arms (and legs).

Viall did just that as he took a quick break from cutting a rug on the ABC show and sat down with Buzzfeed to open up about love, life on television, his romance with fiancée Vanessa Grimaldi, and of course, ousted Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios.

When he was asked what he would tell himself before he started The Bachelor if he could go back in time, Viall joked that he would say "don't" do it. "No, I'm just kidding," he continued. "What would I tell myself? Keep my mouth shut, probably more often than I did in the first season. I was a little too opinionated, probably. But that's just who I am!"

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Now that he is off the show and engaged to Grimaldi, Viall got candid about their relationship, saying the hardest part for them has been "getting used to each other." He added, "Vanessa and I, for the most part, have been living with each other, and that's obviously a big step in any relationship. You know, we've certainly been fast-tracking it from the very time we met, so that certainly has a lot of great excitement and also there's a lot of 'Oh, OK, this is really somethin'!'"

While two of the little pups crawled on his legs and tried to give him kisses and another simply slept on his ankles, Viall pressed on, moving to the topic of Olympios. He said his opinion of her didn't change when the Bachelor aired, adding, "My opinion of Corinne definitely changed over the course of the season while filming, but she was someone that I even had a hard time figuring out. I think America's opinion of Corinne and the evolution was kind of almost similar to mine."

Viall has since gone from The Bachelor to Dancing with the Stars, and said it "couldn't be more fun." He continued, "It's also incredibly exhilarating when you get done with a dance and you're like, "That was amazing!" You don't think about the fact that it's live and millions of people will be watching it—that doesn't even cross your mind."

"It's just the fact that you're in this big arena and it's filled with people screaming and cheering, and you're about to do something you don't even know what you're about to do and you barely know your steps."

Take a peek at the full interview in the video above.

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