Was there a photographer crashing the newlyweds' snowy getaway?

By Sam Reed
Updated Feb 04, 2019 @ 12:15 pm

It's a "whodunit" for the Instagram age: Who took this cozy photo of Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra cuddling on the couch?

It all started when Chopra posted an up-close-and-personal shot of the couple chilling out max after a long day in the snow in Mammoth Lakes, California. The actress is seen resting her head on the crooner's chest, while Nick looks off at ~something~ in the distance, a beer in hand.

Using our best detective skills, we were able deduce that there are four (4) hands pictured in the image — and none of them are holding the camera or any kind of remote photo-taking device. This would lead us to believe that neither Nick nor Priyanka were the ones responsible for snapping the photo. So who is?

Twitter also wants to know:

Was there a third party crashing the couple's intimate moment? Are they experts at using the camera's self-timer function? Did they simply screen cap this shot from the CCTV security system?

A more plausible theory is that Nick and Priyanka were simply cuddled up in front of their guests (they are not afraid of a little PDA) including Joe Jonas, their soon-to-be sister-in-law Sophie Turner and actor Chord Overstreet. Maybe one of them was responsible for the candid shot?

So far, the mystery remains unsolved. While we all wait patiently for internet sleuths to crack the case, ease your anxiety with more images from the newlyweds' Super Bowl Weekend getaway: