Nick Jonas Says That His Mom Still Does His Laundry

If you've ever taken dirty laundry home so that your mom can wash it, well, you're definitely not alone. In fact, Nick Jonas does it, too.

When asked about the best part about going home after spending long stretches on tour by E! Online, the singer revealed that he'll have his mom wash his clothes. "I ask my mom to do my laundry," he told the outlet. "She does it every time with a big smile!"

Wait, the Jonas matriarch actually likes to do laundry?! Sort of. "Now that her four sons are out of the house and have their own lives, any chance she gets to be mom again I think it's a really nice thing for her," Jonas explained. That kind of makes sense. After all, moms definitely like to dote on their kids.

His mom, Denise, will have a lot more people to take care of over the holidays. Nick's older brother Joe Jonas announced his engagement to Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner recently, so we expect they'll have even more to celebrate this season.

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