Nick Jonas Brought His Lunch With Him to His Grammys Performance

"At least you all know I eat my greens."

Nick Jonas rolled up alongside the Jonas Brothers to perform at the 2020 Grammy Awards on Sunday night (January 26).

Little did he know, he had a tiny passenger tagging along with him as he took the stage. Nick got down to business performing with the JoBros, only for fans to zero in on an unidentified object in his teeth.

Viewers immediately took to Twitter to let the world know they suspected something was off about Nick's look, and as it turned out...he definitely had a small piece of food stuck in his tooth. Whether it was a piece of spinach, or kale, or something totally different has yet to be determined. But something was definitely there.

Fans couldn't believe the faux pas, as they took to Twitter in droves to point out the bit of food hanging out with Nick as he belted out tunes with his brothers.

The responses obviously must have reached Nick eventually, too. Because when he tweeted his appreciation for being welcomed back to perform at the Grammys, he even acknowledged the hilarious incident.

"So honored to have been back on the Grammy stage tonight," he tweeted.

Moments later, however, he addressed the elephant in the room.

"And at least you all know I eat my greens," he joked immediately after that.

The Jonas Brothers performed their hit "What A Man Gotta Do" in addition to premiering a new song during the show in the form of "Five More Minutes." They had been nominated for two Grammy Awards, including one for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance for "Sucker."

Hopefully the next time Nick hits the stage, one of his brothers can give him a once-over and let him know if he has something stuck in his teeth. It's the brotherly thing to do, after all.

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