There’s absolutely no need to have the same, boring old white headphones the rest of the crowd is wearing. Especially if said headphones are extra powerful and musician-approved.

Leading audio brand, Altec Lansing, teamed up with Nick Jonas (OMG OMG, NICK WE LOVE YOU) for their first-ever collab. And we think that’s a great choice.

The range, all black and white with brushed metal accents, includes active noise-canceling headphones with a touch control panel, Bluetooth capabilities, and wireless earphones with behind the head wire that both have a battery life up to ten hours. That’s a lot of Jonas music.

We chatted with NJ just before the launch to talk about the partnership and what it was like adding designer to his resume.

To start out, we must know ... what are you listening to right now, other than your own music?
I'm listening to a lot of different things right now. I've created a playlist that I constantly update with all my favorite music at the moment. Drake's new record is great and Big Sean. I'm also really liking First Aid Kit, along with a few other things.

What was it like to put a designer hat on for this collaboration?
It’s another extension of my artistry. I loved being able to bring my touch to something that I think people use every day. Collaborating with the team at Altec Lansing was great; they were open to all my ideas and the experience was really unique.

Why Altec Lansing?
Altec Lansing is an amazing company that's been around for a really long time and has a strong history. In our initial meeting, their openness to infusing some new life from my angle and bringing my preferences in to their product, while still keeping the sound quality top notch, was key.

The collaboration includes active noise-canceling, over the ear headphones. What are some of the noises you need to cancel out in your life?
I think everyone needs to cancel out negative energy and negative thoughts in their lives, in the literal sense. Personally, I really love wearing my noise-cancelling headphones when I’m on a plane. It's one of the best places to be able to shut out the world, relax, and get some me time.

Will we be seeing anymore fashion/accessories projects from you?
I'm not entirely sure. I think right now it's one step at a time. It's about finding something that makes perfect sense for me and where I want to go as an artist and as a performer. Whether it’s a shoe line with Creative Recreation or an audio line with Altec Lansing, I think it's just about slowly building something that I can be proud of and I hope people really like.