Lupita Nyong'o's Makeup Artist Reveals the Tricks to Sweat-Proofing Your Makeup

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Nick Barose has had quite a busy week. The pro makeup artist is at the Cannes Film Festival, creating red carpet looks for Lupita Nyong'o, Amy Poehler, Zoe Kravitz, and Alicia Vikander. "It's my second time in Cannes, so I know more of what to expect when doing makeup on my clients," he tells us. "It's warmer and very sunny, so I have to be wise in terms of which products will keep my clients looking fresh, and to come up with more simple little tricks—taking that one extra step or product for the makeup to last longer can save you in the long run."

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One trick in particular that we'll be using involves remixing the foundation routine. In warmer climates, Barose recommends swapping your full-coverage liquid for a lightweight lotion like Dior's Hydra Life Pore Reducing Moisturizer ($75;, and pairing it with a dual-finish powder. "Apply DiorSkin's Nude Compact to get medium coverage that stays put in the heat, or use a damp sponge to sheer out the color," he says.

Along with finding products that give off a perfect red carpet result, Barose also has to choose ones that could stand up to both the heat and TSA's strict travel regulations. He gave InStyle an exclusive peek into his Cannes makeup kit, while doling out sage advice on how to keep the flawless finish intact. Keep reading to raid his kit!

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Courtesy of Nick Barose

Prep and Prime

Regardless of the look, a solid primer is key to keeping the products from shifting or melting in the heat. "I'm all about prepping with the right products to make sure you're hydrated, but not greasy," Barose says. "You need to do shine control in the right spots so you can get that glow without looking sweaty." To get Lupita's flawless complexion ready for opening night, Barose started with a layer of Lancome's Advanced Genifique Serum ($78;, then followed with Lancome's La Base Pro Pore Eraser primer ($38; on the T-zone, sides of the nose, and chin. "The serum adds hydration, but absorbs quickly so it won't turn greasy, and your makeup won't need as many touch-ups," he tells us. "I always put the Lancome Translucence Pressed Powder in Suede ($31; into Lupita's clutch. It mattes and tones down the shine, but it's sheer and transparent so it won't remove the color of the makeup underneath."

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The Art of the Touch-Up

Especially in warmer weather, piling on more makeup isn't the most practical move if you want to tone down the shine. The end result could give off a heavy appearance, which isn't good for the skin underneath, either. "To bring your makeup back to life after being in the heat, don't just re-powder—it will get cake-y when powder sits on top of sweat," he advises. "Mist the face first with Sisley Floral Mist ($100; to refresh, then blot away excess oil with Tatcha Blotting Papers ($12;" After the oil and sweat has completely been removed, you can apply a layer of translucent powder, like NARS' Light Reflecting Pressed Setting Powder ($36;

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Waterproofing Your Makeup

When it comes to giving your face some resistance against water, less is more. Opt for products with the term "water resistant" clearly labeled on the bottle, and add concealer or foundation as needed. "For light, daytime coverage, I love prepping skin with Shiseido Water Resistant Sunscreen ($32;," Barose says. "It clings to skin longer when you sweat, and I love mixing it in with Cle de Peau Concealer ($70; or liquid foundation for staying power."

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Get Your Glow On

The trick to a believable flush that won't quit isn't a sole pan of powder blush, but carefully-layered formulas of differing textures. "Powder blush can streak when you sweat, and cream blush can turn greasy," Barose explains. "I love using bright liquid blushes like Armani Maestro Blush ($52; to stain the cheeks, then apply a sheer layer of MAC Pro Longwear Waterproof Foundation ($32; to tone down the brightness." This will create a natural-looking tint that appears to be coming from your own complexion. A sweep of the Make Up For Ever Pro Bronze Fusion ($36; will add a subtle highlight and a touch of dimension.

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Courtesy of Nick Barose

Smear-Proof Smoky Eye

Don't believe the hype—a smoky eye in peak humidity is possible, just be sure to use the proper sealing and layering methods. Barose recommends using powder shadows that can be applied wet, like Charlotte Tilbury's palette ($52;, and patting them into place with a brush dipped in Make Up For Ever's Aqua Seal ($21; "By wetting your brush with this waterproof seal, your shadow will stay on all night, and it actually makes the color appear more intense," he adds.

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Courtesy of Nick Barose

Lash Out

"Keeping mascara from running in the heat is tricky, because if you use waterproof mascara alone, it's hard to take off," says Barose. In order to ease the clean-up process, he layers the Lancome Hypnose Star Mascara ($29; underneath a coat of the Hypnose Waterproof ($28; "This way, it won't run, but it also won't be hard to remove," he adds. "My clients love me because I'm considerate!"

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Courtesy of Nick Barose

Long-Wearing Lips

Just like your foundation, your lip color will need a budge-proof base on which it can adhere. "It's all in prepping. Opt for lip balm that hydrates, but isn't so greasy that your lipstick will melt off," says Barose, who recommends applying a layer before picking up your color of choice. "I swear by Kiehl's Facial Fuel No Shine Lip Balm ($9;" Top off the balm by filling your lips in completely with a pencil, like Chanel's Aqua Crayon Lip Color Stick ($31; "This creates a stain so that your lip color or gloss will last for hours," he adds.

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