Niall Horan is still as studly as his One Direction days, but now he’s a solo artist with a flair for acoustic sounds. On Thursday, Horan released a love song, “This Town,” with a live in-studio performance shot in black and white.

In the video above, Horan, 23, strums along to a tune about lost love “in this old town.” Based on the song’s country-sounding lyrics and soft melodies, it seems the singer is going in a different musical direction from his former band mate and R&B artist Zayn Malik. Instead, Horan’s got an Ed Sheeran meets James Blunt vibe going on, and we’re totally into it.

Stay tuned for more songs from the singer. We can only hope he’ll be releasing more heartfelt singles in the near future. After all, it’s been a bit since 1D announced their hiatus, and we could really use a few more love songs from our favorite British boy banders.