We Tried the Newest Game-Day Must-Have: NFL Temporary Tattoos

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Photo: Sarah Balch for InStyle.com

This football season, you can wear your team spirit right on your skin. Just in time for the first official game on Sept. 10, the NFL has teamed up with jewelry-inspired temporary tattoo brand Lulu DK to launch a collection of metallic tats that allow you to celebrate your fave team in a way that's much cooler than wearing a standard jersey. Available at luludk.com, each of the 32 teams in the league has its own stylish set, beginning at just under $10. And with whimsical designs, logos, and taglines in the team's colors, we'd call them pretty touchdown-worthy.

Here at the InStyle offices, I just had to get in on the football fun. I tested out the designs for two different teams: the Miami Dolphins (my hometown team) and the New England Patriots (sure to be a fan-favorite), and it's safe to say that they're going to be your new game-day must-have. I only sported them on my wrists, because it's a bit hard to explain why your body is covered in football team logos when walking into meetings at a fashion magazine (especially when it's only pre-season). But when it comes time for kickoff, you bet I'll be showing off my fandom by rocking everything from arm cuffs to ankle bracelets.

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Sarah Balch for InStyle.com

The idea for the collaboration came naturally to Lulu DK's founder and football enthusiast, Lulu DeKwiatkowski. "I always want to celebrate my team, but not always with a big hat or T-shirt," she tells InStyle. "I want something that looks sexy and expressive, but that I can also wear all week." And since you can never show too much love for your team, "the more you wear, the merrier," says DeKwiatkowski. But that doesn't mean you have to full-on deck yourself out in the tats. For a more subtle approach, try wearing "just one—or whatever makes you happy and comfortable. There is no end to placement." A few spots DeKwiatkowski suggests? Wearing them on your wrists, upper arms, ankles, and neck. Or if you're going for a look that's less obvious, you can also try placing them "down the spine or around your fingers,” she says.

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Sarah Balch for InStyle.com
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