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Real men read InStyle. During his weekly press conference on Monday, New York Jets coach Rex Ryan produced a copy of our December issue to show reporters a picture of his wife, Michelle, modeling in an ad for NFL Women's Apparel. "I never realized how similar I am to Tom Brady," Ryan said. "The fact that he's married to a supermodel [Gisele Bundchen]? Hello? Yes, I'm also married to a super model." When the coach explained that he'd come across the ad while flipping through our current issue, reporters wanted to know if he was a loyal reader of InStyle. "You just have to broaden your [horizons]," he replied. "Obviously, with the wardrobe I have, I'm one of those kind of guys." We love that Ryan took a break from talking football to publicly admire his wife, so we've got a tip for the coach. Keep reading until you get to our Holiday Gift Guide on page 333, find your wife the perfect present and you'll definitely score some extra points!