The Next Big Jewelry Trend To Try: Hand Cuffs

Photo: credit: Nancy Rivera/ACE/; Courtesy (2)

No, not those kind of hand cuffs.

Jewelers have been experimental and are consistently turning out new styles left and right—all of which inevitably wind up at the top of our "must have it" list. Classic studs and hoops transformed into edgy ear cuffs, classic bangles took on a twisty-turny snake motif (and the nail/screw bangle concept), while rings have traveled north and shifted into midi ring territory. It's likely you've added these reinterpreted styles to your jewelry box, so let us introduce you to the style you have yet to embrace (and will soon be obsessing over): the hand cuff.

This refreshing style is bound to be a craze that won't be mistaken for an ordinary bracelet. The hand cuff rests just above your knuckles, giving off an edgy, too-cool vibe. It comes as no surprise that Sarah Jessica Parker wore the style first, as she's the be all and end all of trendsetters. And as tough-chic as this style is, Parker proved that this trend works with even the most classic silhouettes and softest colors when she accessorized her pastel pink Prabal Gurung ball gown with the edgy style—can someone say "investment piece?"

This soon-to-be jewelry staple is still rather new to the market, so we did all the hard work for you and gathered our six favorite styles here in one place. Shop the gallery to find the style that speaks to you.

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