Samantha Faragalli
Oct 21, 2015 @ 4:00 pm

It’s time to keep your head up (no pun intended). And there’s no better way to literally do so than with the newest trend in Korean beauty—the chin sling. The new Miss Spa Tone Hydrogel Chin Mask ($6; innovatively works to smooth and tone the skin while also eliminating fine lines and any signs of wrinkles (score!). This contouring formula, which is safe for all skin types, is filled with rich ingredients such as hydrogel, vitamin C and plant extracts, which all combine to lock-in moisture and combat anti-aging. Say goodbye to a saggy jaw and hello to a flawless complexion! Follow the directions below to achieve a long-lasting lifted and firmer look in no time at all.

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Step 1: Carefully unfold the single-use mask and peel away the paper backing.

Step 2: Gently apply the mask onto clean, dry skin by sliding each loop hole over each ear. This will safely secure the mask around chin and jawline. Lightly press down on the mask until it is fully against the skin. 

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Step 3: After 30 minutes, remove the mask and pat the remaining gel solution into skin.

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