By Maura Lynch
Updated Dec 30, 2015 @ 7:45 am
Delpozo Spring/Summer '16
Credit: Matteo Volta/

If you, like me, are forever running late for everything, then you simply don't have time to labor over the perfect feline flick, smoky eye, or J.Lo-worthy glow before heading out the door on New Year's Eve. No—you'll be too busy searching for a missing shoe, lost earring, or refilling your glass. This year, though, I'll be sporting something as impactful as it is easy: sparkling, silver eyes from the spring runways of fashion-editor favorite Delpozo.

The backstage look is simple to replicate: Apply M.A.C. mixing medium eyeliner ($14;, which is basically a sticky primer, to lids and then loose M.A.C silver glitter ($22; on top, concentrating it most at the lashlines, letting it dissipate towards your creases. Done. Skip the bright lip (balm will do), and you don't need any mascara (in fact, it looks better if you don't, so your sparkles can really shine). Foundation-wise, leave it light and fresh—heavy face makeup combined with glittery eyes could skew a little Showgirls, and not in a fun, nostalgia-for-the-'90s way.