By Rita Kokshanian
Apr 15, 2014 @ 2:02 pm
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Sun outside our window and a forecast of 80 degrees can seem like the formula for a perfect hair day---but clear skies can often be deceptive. Without taking all meteorological factors into consideration, even a princess can leave the house with a perfectly coiffed mane only to end up with frizz and a tangle of unruly locks due to wind or humidity.

Enter How's Your Hair, a weather app for your locks. Whereas your iPhone will just offer up weather stats, How's Your Hair translates these forecasts into usable beauty tips. It'll tell you the current weather (overcast, raining, sunny), as well as the wind and humidity and let you know if you're going to need an umbrella or a hat, if you're going to be stuck with a frizzy 'do, or if it's going to be a good hair day.

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And if you style your strands the night before, How's Your Hair has got you covered, too. The app also give you tomorrow's forecast, letting you know if you should skip the straightener tonight.

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