3 Bodysuit Styling Tricks for Summer 2015

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Sure, there is something decidedly '80s about wearing a bodysuit, but that doesn't mean the unitard isn't having a comeback. Just ask model Lily Aldridge and Kim Kardashian. We spoke to Reformation's Yael Aflalo on how to wear the tricky item, and what to look for.

Go beyond denim:
"Obviously, the best and easiest way to wear a bodysuit is with your favorite pair of jeans, but if you're risky, I would recommend a cute mini skirt, cut-off shorts or even a chic pair of wide-leg crop pants."

Skip the snaps:
"It's a personal preference, but snaps can be uncomfortable. Yes, with unitard styles you have to take completely off, but we prefer them because it's more comfortable for those special parts."

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Don't fake it with a swimsuit:
"Yes, it's summer, so you might want to try just reach for a one-piece swimsuit, but those materials aren't very breathable. Our bodysuits are made of a fabric called tencel, which is eco in its use of energy and natural resources and it's biodegradable! On top of that, tencel is chic and more appropriate than bathing suits for public outings. You don't want to look like you are headed for the beach."

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