The New Tech-Chic Apartment

Cutting-edge company Savant's new ROSIE home control systems are perfect for tech lovers who fantasize about a streamlined and modern lifestyle, and the super-sleek equipment is now showcased in a loft apartment in N.Y.C.'s Soho. Apple technology is used throughout the entire space, and the lush interior, designed by Thom Felicia of Dress My Nest and Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, perfectly complements the futuristic vibe. Touch panels control everything throughout the home, and an iPhone will do it too (turn off the lights from 3,000 miles away!). Play digital board games on coffee table touch screens or scroll through recipes on a screen in the kitchen. Even waking up in the morning is a snap: timed with your alarm clock, first the lights and TV turn on, and then the window shades open—now that�s a good morning! For more information or to tour the apartment see

Kate Donovan