The New Stranger Things 2 Trailer Might Give You Nightmares

The first season of Stranger Things left us with more questions than answers: Is Eleven gone for good? Is Will going to be OK after being rescued from the Upside Down?

Well, a new trailer for Stranger Things 2 was released at Comic-Con yesterday, and fans finally got answers to these pressing questions. In case you were wondering, Will is most definitely not OK!

The new trailer is three full minutes of creepy, hair-raising action. It starts out with the boys lightheartedly playing video games in the arcade, but everything goes downhill quickly when Will goes into a trance, seeing the Upside Down and a new, bigger, scarier monster descending over the town.

Then, a voice-over by Sheriff Hopper reveals the ominous truth about life in Hawkins: "Nothing's gonna go back to the way it was."

Watch the whole trailer here—but beware, it's not for the faint of heart!

Does this mean Eleven escapes the Upside Down?! We can only hope.

The second season of this hit Netflix show comes out on October 27, and it looks like it will be the perfect way to get in the Halloween spirit.

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